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FSET Good News Story!

This past April, FSET shared a compilation of Good News Stories that are definitely worth rallying behind! FSET, one of Subsidium’s largest and most expansive contracts, has continued to stay on the radar as a successful project that frequently engages and sustains praise and acclamation via engineering naval fleets from Italy to the Philippines. The Good News stories recognize several hard-working employees for dedicating their time, effort, and skillset to create a truly remarkable mode of project execution. One happy client noted, “In the face of both real-world, exercise events, and inspections, the FSET Team demonstrated tenacity, innovation, and clearly enabled C6F to not only succeed in each event but ‘SET THE BAR’ for every other Fleet staff to meet, -BZ (Voice in the Fleet, Pg. 2).” London Bridget, one of Subsidium’s own, is proudly featured later on in the article taking a stand in front of his latest hands on project, the U.S.S John C Stennis, while the ship took port in Bahrain (Voice in the Fleet, Pg. 3). Though Subsidium’s headquarters provide a tight-knit, small business community, the company’s community and repertoire continue to grow as it gets it hands on new, exciting projects through brilliant employees, facilitating unprecedented invention to succeed and expand.

Casey Orndorff

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